Assign the number that, for you, applies to each statement.

Then total your numbers for a composite score that will reveal how well you’re juggling life’s demands.

Rarely (0), Sometimes (1), Frequently (2)

I say no to unrealistic requests from…

  1. ___ Clients ___ Family
  2. ___ My boss and colleagues
  3. ___ I keep my commitment to exercise and healthy eating.
  4. ___ My family would say I give them my undivided attention and patiently listen to them.
  5. ___ My clients, boss, and colleagues would say I’m focused on what I do.
  6. ___ My doctor would say I watch my health, what I eat and drink, and how much I exercise.
  7. ___ I go to sleep at night feeling I haven’t shortchanged my work, my family, or myself.
  8. ___ I feel more in control than out of control of my life.
  9. ___ I make changes in my life when I find I’m doing something wrong (like failing this quiz).

If you scored:

0–6. You’re a ticking time bomb. Your life isn’t just out of balance; it’s out of control. You most likely won’t do anything to put your life in balance until a crisis—a job or big client loss, illness, divorce, trouble with your kids, or drug or alcohol problems—hits. This quiz is a much less expensive and debilitating kick in the pants than those alternatives. Make some changes now!

7–15: You need to make tweaks, but you’re on the right road. It’s not easy to stay balanced in a world that conspires to throw you off track weekly, daily, and sometimes hourly. But you understand the need for and have taken steps toward prioritization. Don’t take your balancing act for granted because you could easily slip into ticking time bomb territory.

16–20: You’re the envy of your colleagues, friends, and family. Congratulations, you’re winning at life! You’re on track for a long and healthy life and, more important, one with few regrets. Enjoy the days, weeks, and years ahead.

Source: Dr. Mark Goulston, author of Get Out of Your Own Way at Work (G.P. Putnam, 2005) and senior vice president with The Wright Co. (www.thewrightco.com), which helps design and implement strategies to attain success in and out of work.