I can’t express enough how grateful I am for your guidance and keeping me ”On Track”.

A few months back; when I had lost all my listings in one day due to my builder going out of business, when I hadn’t received a check in months, and ready to go get ”a job”, I called you out of desperation. You offered to do some coaching for me to at least get focused and make a wise decision about my career. I am eternally grateful.

Together, we realized that it made no sense for me to get ”a job” and throw away 12 hard years of building my Real Estate business. If I hadn’t called you that day, I am sure I would be waiting tables today. I felt that desperate. My Real Estate business is now really back on track. We started a plan, and I’m happy to say that I can see the light. I’ve had to change how I do things, but in the process, have gained a new appreciation for Real Estate and find that I’m in much more control of My Business.

Cheri, I am so grateful for your help! My husband and my girls are grateful too. It’s a much more peaceful atmosphere around here!!!

Keep up the good service. You are an expert in your field.